Kid From The Neighbourhood

From Roman Bihansky, a kid from the neighbourhood:

I met Mike Martello when I was about 9 years old , back in Woodhaven Queens , New York.
Every kid in the neighborhood knew Mike although he may not have known , we were just common neighborhood punks.
He must have been about 14 or 15 years old .
He chased the younger kids and tormented us , but we chased him back . Sometimes during the summer there were so many kids hanging out at night when we were playing kick the can or ring – a – lario that kids from all over the neighborhood joined in , climbing roof tops , jumping fences and pool hoping that you made friends with people from all over , and it was great .

The next time I saw Mike was about 25 years later , I walked into a seminar that he was giving on Chin Na here NYC last summer and I just did not recognize the name . I was the 1st one there that day and was hanging around waiting , went to look around and when I came back I saw this little kid facing the other direction and was like , who’s that ?
When he turned around I felt this chill in my spine and recognized that Italian face that was so unforgetable when we were kids , It’s ( psycho Mike ) I did not say it though .
I dont think he remembered me personally but we talked and and shared childhood memories of the old hood .

What an incredible martial artist he became ! What incredile nice person he grew into be. I will miss him and the chance to reconnect after such a long time was great .

Roman Bihansky

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One thought on “Kid From The Neighbourhood

  1. Mike spoke fondly about the neighbourhood. I remember when I first moved to NY, he was my tour guide. He showed me the Bell bar scene and told me that Francis Lewis Blvd is pronounced “Fanny Lou”. Thanks for sharing the “Psycho Mike” story.

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