Anneke Tribute

pastedGraphicI just came to really know Mike just sum months ago.

Whe touched and opended eachothers hearts and released the most beautifull love I have ever experianced and i’m verry greatfull for this ,I only wished whe could have  had some more time together.

There was still so much more to lirn for both of us..I always told him to don’t rush becouse whe would have ages together to experiance eachother the fullest but now i’m verry happy that i’ve spend so much time with him thes last day’s.  And then He sliped true my fingers and away …..

I’ve never met a man with such a intensity ,care and softness and i wonder i’ll ever meet someone like him again…  My Love,trustee…Thank you for your beautifull love .I will cherish it and carry it in my heart forever…


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