Howard Huai Hsiang Wang Tribute

IMG_0915Michael does not speak Chinese, nor does my father speak English, yet what was it that made them become a father and a son to each other? Mike appeared out of nowhere, and disappeared all of a sudden, leaving us nothing but fond memories with tears in kinship. Michael was blessed by living his dreams, a kung fu student up to the spirit and a family member closer than blood! May thee rest in peace, my dearest bother! Thy legend shall remain the aspiration to all in the lineage!

-Howard, Huai Hsiang, Wang

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One thought on “Howard Huai Hsiang Wang Tribute

  1. Dear friend Mike. Today I have remember about our conversation in May 31 at 3:00 am. You was tired and me too. However we would want to practices together in New York with my brother Pedro. I’m so sad but I know your are with God today. I’m totally sure Wutan Kung Fu had lost a great person, master and kind person.
    Dear friend Mike Rest In Peace forever!


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