Martello Obit in Kung Fu Taichi Magazine

There will be a 1/2 page obituary for Mikeee in the next issue of Kung Fu Taichi Magazine which Gene Ching (editor/ friend of mine) said should hit stands August 5th-ish.  The magazine is found in most major bookstores and newsstands (do those exist anymore??).  Not sure about Europe guys???

If for some reason you have a hard time finding it I think you can order single issues from the website (see above hyperlink), and if worse comes to worst you can contact me directly as I will get extra copies, and all I will ask is for the cost and shipping to be covered.

BIG thanks to Gene Ching for getting this in last minute.  I literally had to scramble and get pics and the text to him within 48 hours so it would hit the printer in time!   Gene bumped someone else for this, and I thank him.

I have tried to get an obit in other publications, but have not been received well.  Keep that in mind before spending money on some of the joke martial rags out there.  Gene has always been great to deal with, and one of the only editors out there I respect.

There will also be a longer obit on their e-zine in the near future.  I am wrapping up writing for that.  I never thought something would be so difficult to write.  Not emotionally so much, but trying NOT to add in every damn thing I can think to say about Mike has been tough!



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5 thoughts on “Martello Obit in Kung Fu Taichi Magazine

  1. Thank you for making people aware that Inside Kung-Fu would not do an obit for Sifu Martello.

    I was unable to find an e-mail address to contact their editorial staff but I wil mail them a letter to let them know that they are beneath contempt. I won’t write it now because I want my remarks to be measured and polite.

    I am astounded that anyone covering traditional wushu would not make space for a tribute to Mike. Although I never trained under him I have known of him for years. I have followed his releases on youTube and he was probably one of the first people I looked up on facebook. I sent a friend request explaining that I knew it would be valuable to have someone like him as a friend given his accomplishments and expertise in chinese martial arts. He added me as a friend and I was grateful because I knew he exemplified the highest wushu acheivements and ideals. Inside Kung Fu has slighted a great human being and a hero of the chinese martial arts world.

    sabin smith
    providence, RI USA

  2. Sabin
    While I appreciate the emotion, do not waste it on IKF or Cater. The biggest way we can “get back” is simply not to buy their shit rag anyways! The magazine is going under, and is not very interested in CMA anyways, so just don’t purchase it. Mike never wanted to deal with them anyways;)

  3. my good friend i will miss you,may the lord bless you and look over your family and friends.I remember all those good times playing handball as my partner,and darts we were invincible.I will ride the motorcycle we painted together in your memory, you perservered to be the best, as a friend you will always be that to me.

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