Bizarre Montreal Weekend

From Pat Lawlor:

The Wild weekend in Toronto is OK to post. I was a good boy, however some others were a little less good.

Another little anecdote:
Once Rosa got Mike some plane tickets to Montreal as a gift but they had nowhere to stay. Sifu called Victoria and I and asked if we could help out. I called about a thousand hotels, but you see, it was Grand Prix weekend and everything from Plattsburg NY to Trois Rivieres was booked solid. Some receptionists even laughed at me. That’s why there was nowhere to stay.
Victoria stepped up and got her father to put them up and I met them at the airport. Mike followed me in a rental to Victoria’s father’s house but there was no one home. After pounding on the door and windows, we left. Mike and Rosa went downtown and I went home to see if I could do anything else. My wife and I agreed that they could stay at our house so we cleaned up (three teenagers worth of mess) and I called Victoria. Apparently her father is hard of hearing and refuses to wear his hearing aid. He was, in fact, home but couldn’t hear us knocking.
Anyway, later in the evening I got a call from Mike. He was somewhere in Montreal and wanted to know how to get back to my place.  It’s very difficult understanding french street signs pronounced with a New Yawk accent. I eventually had to get him to spell the street name.
One of my daughters and I jumped in the car and went to find them somewhere off St Denis. There were throngs of people. I had to double park and run over to them to get them get them to watch for my car and follow mw home. Mike was never frantic and totally calm. Most people I know would have paniced. He and Rosa stayed at my house for a couple of days and my daughter guided them back over the Champlain bridge towards the airport for their flight home on Monday.

If Rosa remembers this, it would be put down as a very bizarre weekend for them.

My wife remembers that weekend and she also was saddened by Mike’s passing.

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