Mike and the Language

Due to his openess to share and meet people, Mike came across many languages. And he was able to mess them all up. And mix them up. During training e.g., he speaks a funny mixture of english and chinese. One day I said to him, sorry Mike, sometimes I don’t know if youre speaking english or chinese, so I don’t get the point.
His Answer: don´t worry, sometimes I don’t know either if I’m talking chinese or english! :)

And I will always remember his outstanding german. He made every german word sounds like swine. Beer he called “schwein-wine” and his german counting of 1,2,3 was eins, schwein, schwein…
One day after training some of the students sat down at his place and have some “schwein-wine”. And he started counting in german: ein, schwein-, schwein-, vier, fumpf. And I said: no its fünf! (with a german ue). He said: ein schwein drei fumpf.
And I said: no Mike, you can pronounce the chinese lu (lue, roll back) so why you don´t say fünf. Rene Ming Fai Ho started laughing and Mike grins: fumpf!

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One thought on “Mike and the Language

  1. Yes, I remember he used to often talk chinese when teaching, just like his teacher would to him – “?? duia” “?? bu dui” we heard a lot. Sometimes he would ask me if a word he was saying would really mean what he thought it would and guess what he was always right, even if his pronounciation was way off sometimes, but he really knew what it meant.
    It was always funny to hear him make fun of the german language, he loved that word “Schwein”.

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