Howard Wang – Video Tribute ????




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5 thoughts on “Howard Wang – Video Tribute ????

  1. This is a moving and beautiful tribute to my brother.

    Thank you for this video In Memory of Michael Martello.

    sister Rose

  2. Dear sister Rose,

    Though we have never met each other, yet please remember that we are connected. It is my honor to have you as my sister.

    In love and peace!


  3. To Howard,

    In times like this, words can’t say what the heart feels. Thank you for this touching tribute to my brother Michael. My condolences to you, your father and your family.

    Michael found what he was looking for. He followed and fulfilled his passion. He was truly a special person.

    His sister, Linda

  4. To Linda,

    Mike dedicated his life to his quest! To me, he was truly a paradigm to students of TCMA. He was truly a special person, and he himself made his life the legend.

    Mike’s spirit shall last, in ways beyond words!

    My condolence to you and your family. You had lost a brother, yet earned a family!

    In love


  5. Thank-you Howard. It is also MY honor to have you as my brother.

    Michael is at peace now. He lived a happy, productive life that few people get to enjoy.

    I am happy because I know that Michael’s great love will live on in family, friends, students, CMA … all that he touched in his life!

    Peace to you and love as well.

    sister Rose

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