Douglas Wolf – Tribute

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IMG_0916 Master Zheng, Mike, Jeff, Doug & Rene 8-13-07smTo all,

I wish to offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Michael. I am very saddened and shocked to hear of his sudden death. To my luck and fortune I found Michel on YouTube in my search for links to my late teacher Huang Tzengyu and also other true masters that I could meet and learn from.

I only new him a short time just first meeting him in Beijing. I was amazed by him and the masters there. Even though I only new him for such a short time, I must truly thank him for he has been a profound influence in my life. I will never forget him.

I have some pictures of Michel and some videos I made while in Beijing for the Summer Camp and at a seminar in Seattle. I will send a few of them now and others if you would like.

Douglas Wolf

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