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Mike and his infamous grin

Mike and his infamous grin

Big props to Keith Weiner and Kin (sorry broski, cannot remember your last name at the moment) for creating Mike Martello.com!  They spent sleepless hours after their already hectic work days trying to get this site up and going, and for that we thank them as well as our brothers and sisters at Wutan Canada.

My name is Jake Burroughs, for those who do not know me I am a friend and student of Mike Martello’s living in Seattle, WA. Keith was actually my first Mantis and Baji instructor, so when he asked me to be involved with this project, how could I refuse!?  We are all family and one of the bittersweet side effects of a situation like this is that we re-connect with those we have fallen out of touch with over the years.

So it gives me great pleasure in announcing the collaboration of Mike Martello.com and the Three Harmonies blog “The Ground Never Misses” in an effort to offer a platform where people can come share, learn, get information, and offer their thoughts regarding the passing of our dear friend and teacher Mike Martello.

Please feel free to get as involved, or not, as you wish here.  Share pictures, stories, video, and view what others have to say and offer.  We will also be posting news items as we receive them regarding memorial services in three different continents (even in death Mike is setting records!!).  As well as other information for students and friends alike.

Obviously any and all seminars and workshops that were scheduled with Mike are now cancelled.  Please contact the specific host of said seminar for more information, as we here do not have specific info on re-imbursements, etc.

If anyone needs anything, or has any suggestions please let us know.  We are all rookies at this kind of thing, but together we can make it work smoothly.


Jake B.

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  1. Thank you Jake, Keith Weiner and Kin and all brothers and sisters from Wutang for making this site for Mike Laoshi. He definitely had touched the heart of us all.

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