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Anneke and Mike

Anneke and Mike

Mike said there where no coincidences in life and especially in his…

Yuan or circle made us bump shoulders in this lifetime with a specific reason.

And i really do feel he was wright about that.
He came into my life at just the most perfect moment  and taught me everything I needed to know,as I came into his and did the same for him.
He’s the first man I really let into my heart because he was the only one that knew the way…
He opened  to me and I’m still very honoured that he allowed me to open his heart, and let me in .
I never in all my life felt such a beautiful and natural love evolve so quickly.

This is a poem that he himself wrote about it:

I love U with deep intimacy as U me;
Opening our hearts and sharing,
this raises us to the highest level of human experiences and energies.
In this exalted space, we can surrender our egos,
we become vulnerable
and know levels of pure love, joy, passion, spiritual connections
and well-being unique among all of life experiences and precious gifts.

We attain a glimpse of the loving rapture that can be ours,
NO, that is ours!
There are no limitations and expectations,
we rejoice in union of Pure Love as two embrace and become one.
We become one and yet,
at the same time we remain both as we are man and woman.
We are nobody and somebody together.

We evolved  and learned so much and helped each other to grow so fast in this short time.
Others would  have needed a lifetime to do just the same…
I saw and felt this happening and this made me also a bit afraid ,
because I was wondering where this will lead us and why does it had to go so fast?

Never in my life I would have predicted what came next tho…

But still I am very happy I had the pleasure to meet him and be so close to him.He taught me so much about life,
about what  really is important….
Such a big heart he had,He really enjoyed sharing everything he had with anybody and just this made him be the richest man I’ve ever known…
He taught me to enjoy the little things in life,because it is the little things that count the most..

He had a dream and really went for it and by being so focused,also achieved in making his dream reality.
I really admire that.He has shown that anybody that really wants, can achieve the goal that he himself has compiled,
only thing you need is perseverance.

He always told me that he gave himself to the universe ,that he really in all senses gave himself,he left the old Mike behind many years ago..

A beautiful saying or analogy about becoming apart of all things is;
if a bottle of water is thrown into the ocean it is still separate, even though the ocean will take it where ever it wants… But uncap the bottle and pour it into the ocean it becomes the ocean, all things are possible….  one must trust in the bigger picture or at least have peace with themselves to be able to become….

If one is to fly high and find their essence one must open themselves to the universe… SO many people hide and keep bottled up, that they show two or three faces, in fact the bottle becomes so tightly closed it never opens up… Bitterness or fakeness, angry that life has done this to them… Or worse blame others for their own failures, live
though others eyes and hearts…. Never to unfold into or become anything but empty… Yes they can be happy for sure, because they may never want anything more for themselves but just being…

He gave himself to the universe and the universe said it was time for him to go,so he went..

But even tough he is not here in person ,he will always be with us.Everything he learned each and everyone of us will keep on being alive true us.
So it is on us to keep him alive by living and evolving true this lessons.And like so helping him to finish what he had started.

Dinner After Last Seminar

Dinner After Last Seminar

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