True Story – Jochen Wolfgramm

I was really hesitating about sharing this story because it sounds so unbelievable. But there were a lot of people witnessing this story, so now I feel quite comfortable to share it.

While our stay in Beijing this year, Dennis and me got the opportunity to visit Mike Sifus Grave in Beijing together wit ha bunch of people (Kim, Big Mike, Andy, Steve, Naomi, Huang Fei and Rosa) The Teachers were driving and leading us to that place near the emperors Tombs outside of Beijing. So after Zhang, Yu and Sun Laoshimen drove us people over 2 hours, we arrived at a beautiful landside. We had to walk and climb a hill with a lot of bushes and plants. So, like Rosa said before, some of us (ok, it was Dennis, Naomi and me) got lost and have to move back. But finally we arrived at the China part of Mike Sifus Grave.

Sweating and with nearly sore muscles – of course Mike let us train even in his afterlife.  So we stood around a pile of rocks and Rosa started talking to Mike Sifu. We offered some Cookies and spilled some soda. And then, at that moment when everybody was around and gazing at that pile of rocks, a little black Mantis appeared and gazed back at us! We couldn’t believe it first, so we took some photos and said hello to little Mantis – Mike.

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2 thoughts on “True Story – Jochen Wolfgramm

  1. that would be Mike’s way to be the strong little mantis that touched lives in a natural and a spiritual way… continue to dance on little mantis…you are always loved….your big sister rose

  2. I am quite familiar with such “omens” or signs from the animal world, as described here. Most people will call them “coincidents”, but it`s not like that. Native cultures around the world have for thousands of years been familiar with the spirits and nature spirits that are around us all the time.

    The apperance of the Mantis in the story here is very similar to other stories I have heard, or experienced myself. As I see it, the Mantis appearing is like Mike himself would be there. And of course he cant be there, since the physical body is dead, but the spirit is still around, and can give signs through animals, birds, insects etc., just like we saw here.

    It was nice to read this story, and I am sure some of the participants on that trip will reconsider their thoughts about spirits and the afterlife, after such an experience.

    Walk in Beauty all of you. :)

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