Learning Miao Dao – Tommy

Does anyone know of any classes in the UK for learning Miao dao the way Mike taught it preferably? I never knew Mike but I wish I had, he looked like an excellent martial artist. This is adequately reflected in the love and respect many of these tributes show from others here. I think it would be an honour and a tribute to him to keep this sword and its style alive all over the world with more and more recognition of its history, it's prowess and its teachers like Mike. Tommy a.lemon.tree@hotmail.co.uk

Web Fu!

I met Mike while working a consulting gig in NYC.  He introduced me to two martial arts teachers from whom I began the study of baguazhang.  Very grateful. Today I thought of Mike when looking up a past teacher.  I did not know til now that Mike is an ancestor,and I am happy to pour libation in his honor this morning. Bless. T

From Ecptaiji – Youtube

Hi Mike. I enjoyed your Miao Dao teaching very much. Thanks for sharing. That was what I wrote on mike's YouTube channel yesterday, not knowing Mike has already passed on. Though i have not met Mike, I was shocked abd saddened when was told by my master this morning. Such a talent departed at such a young age! I believe Mike has lived a lively and colourful life in the MA sphere and his contributions in the MA world will continue to touch the hearts of many for a long long time.

Wing Chun For Life

Steven Digiantomasso wrote: Well I only had a few meeting with this good fellow and I am sorry to hear of your passing. I am cousin of Jim H.. my condolences to your family. I'm sure you have passed on the essences of your life to all you have touched... god speed.

True Story – Jochen Wolfgramm

I was really hesitating about sharing this story because it sounds so unbelievable. But there were a lot of people witnessing this story, so now I feel quite comfortable to share it. While our stay in Beijing this year, Dennis and me got the opportunity to visit Mike Sifus Grave in Beijing together wit ha bunch of people (Kim, Big Mike, Andy, Steve, Naomi, Huang Fei and Rosa) The Teachers were driving and leading us to that place near the emperors Tombs outside of Beijing. So after Zhang, Yu and Sun Laoshimen drove us people over 2 hours, we arrived at a beautiful landside. We had to walk and climb a hill with a lot of bushes and plants. So, like Rosa said before, some of us (ok, it was Dennis, Naomi and me) got lost and have to move back. But finally we arrived at the China part of Mike Sifus Grave. Sweating and with nearly sore muscles - of course Mike let us train even in his afterlife.  So we stood around a pile of rocks and Rosa started talking to Mike Sifu. We offered some Cookies and spilled some soda. And then, at that moment when everybody was around and gazing at that pile of rocks, a little black Mantis appeared and gazed back at us! We couldn't believe it first, so we took some photos and said hello to little Mantis - Mike.


Hannibal wrote: I did not personally know Master Martello but when I discovered his entity on the internet, and watched the first video, I knew instantly that he was one of the few people who truly understood the deeper meanings of the martial arts. He left a legacy that will influence and encourage the coming generations. Rest In Peace, Master.


Nuestros mas sentidos recuerdos al cumplirse el aniversario del fallecimiento de Mike, nuestro querido amigo y compañero de Kung Fu. En lo mas alto del infinito Cielo, te recordamos en esta pequeña Tierra. Jose Kutos, Soledad Yriza, Juan Esteban Kutos y Omnain Kutos www.pachitaichichuan.com Caracas, Venezuela.

ZeroKid Tribute

zerokid wrote: One year ago, Sifu Mike Martello woke up and died of a congential heart defect. Teacher Mike had Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome. On the morning of June 2nd, 2009, Mike Martello passed away suddenly in Belgium. He was 42, despite his young age, he had achieved the level of mastership of a Chinese master in his 60's. As a martial arts genius, he was loved all over the world and travelled a lot to teach and to meet students and friends. Yet it was not only his profound knowledge that impressed the people who were fortunate enough to meet him. He was a generous man, with a heart for the people and the art. Both played a very important role in his life. From the start, Kung Fu was for him a way of selfdevelopment. Through giving and sharing from the heart, he connected himself with others and pointed us towards the meaning of passion - the beauty of life. During training, he would make tea for us and after the intens lessons, he would cook or we would go out for dinner. Being a just man with a big heart, he talked a lot about the moral fabric of the individual. He believed firmly that with great power comes great responsibility. For the men he was tough, like a father who wanted his sons to be able to look after themselves and yet with a love only fathers possess. For the women and the children he was a gentleman amongst gentlemen, his eyes changed from strict to protecting, caring, respecting and loving. Just like Picasso, he was a large tree with a strong root bearing all kinds of different fruit. The strong root stands for his great personality as an individual, one who refused to follow the herd. Rather, it was in his blood to lead. The different types of fruit were a result of his hard work to fulfill his passion. And yet, everyone was welcomed to benefit from it. His person, his work will never be forgotten. As in many places all over the world, people are remembering him and honouring him through the practise of Kung Fu, taking care of eachother, being all they can be. RIP, my teacher and friend. "Be all you can be, but don't be me" - Sifu Mike Martello. http://theyearzerokungfu.blogspot.com/2010/06/day-kung-fu-died.html Website: http://theyearzerokungfu.blogspot.com/

Taipei Memorial

On August 29, 2009 around 11:30 am Taipei Time, there was a memorial in memory of Michael Martello.  Michael's ex wife, Rosa Mei, together with seven of Michael's students from Belgium; i.e., Vincent, Andy, Dieter, Renard, Margret, Kim and Luc, and Michael's fellow students at AMAR Taipei got together for the memorial.   Master Wang Chieh and Rosa hosted the ceremony and each participants paid their homage to Michael through flower offerings to three of Michael's personal favorite pictures. "Welcome home and may thee rest in peace!".....Huai Hsiang Wang

Inside Kung Fu Tribute

Thanks to Dave Cater at Inside Kung Fu magazine for printing a tribute submitted after the passing of our friend Mike Martello in June. It is the Nov. issue and can be found on page 35. You should be able to find IKF at most local news stands and bookstores.  Locally Top Grocery even started carrying it! Rest in peace Mike, Jake and family

Chuck Vollmoelle – Tribute

Peace to the soul of this young Sifu who has touched 1000's of lives. I did not have the honor of knowing him at this time on this earthly plane. Like all kung fu brothers we will meet in another time and place perhaps and recognize each other by our love of kung fu and sharing the art with others. Sincerely, Chuck Vollmoelle (fellow New Yorker) Ving Tsun(Sifu Angel Mercado) and Yang Tai Chi( Sifu Domingo Colon)

Master Mike

Master Mike was for my the best trainer, a  was lucky to have trained with him,  a  shall never forget his trainingsessions with Master Mike. oeshh Your student herwin