Heng Li Hendrik – Tribute

Dear Mike,
I was in the Seminar in Berlin and I heard that you died on Juni the second. That shocks me…I will miss your vids, inspiration and i will never have the chance to meet you…world has lost a great martial artist and human being i hope you have a good trip on the other side….


to grow …

Some important Notes Mike gave some Time ago about my training:

“You guys are growing and have changed but you both dont realize the weight and strength combined for a simple task like grabbing or punching or just standing is more than the normal person because of your weights… Before you had no idea how to use your weight in way that is combined with your forces… Now with my training and conditioning both are getting much more stronger , but yet you dont realize this and just stay the same in mind when you grab or punch or partner now….

Some more thinking, especially the last sentence…

this is because you are always partnering the same people who are not growing or understanding softer power that stays stiff and strong, they manifest the same problem over and over, stiffness and tension in mind and body… this does not allow you to seek further to yourself (mind and body) until you touch hands with me again or someone like Hd, Howard and Teacher Wang…

It is very possible that partnering the same party over and over your are so use to each other that one thinks they are working softer but has no one else around to gauge the effects of training for softer power… result is just stay the same…. Then when you work with me i feel you dont get it, i feel you are not working on it, when maybe you are but not in the right light because fact is you have no one there that can say if you are tense or not, only you have each other, and moreover you both are strong and big in stature…

maybe try working with someone who is very weak then work with each other again and see if you are not sensing these ideas …

i hope that makes sense….

again why a teacher is ssoooooooo important and one who can sense these things, not get angry like i do, hahahaha…..

mike sifu
……who is also learning and working on these things… remember its a long road ahead for us both, so lets enjoy it and grow together !!!!”

My beloved Teacher Mike Martello

I was in Mantis for over 15 years when Robert Hui posted some of Mikes stuff in the MQ Forum. I was interested. Then after I invited Jake to my school to introduce his Mantis stuff here in Germany, Mike suddenly appeared with a bunch of his students.
We spoke a lot together and it felt like he was able to read my mind.
After that I had to visit him in his place in Antwerp. I trained some days with him and it blew me away. He was the first one who could really do and show all the legendary stuff said to be “real Kung Fu”. Noone could show me before.
I became his student and over the time he became more and more a friend and Mentor. He helped me through the silly politics of my past Mantis family, he showed me the connection between Wai Jia and Nei Jia, he shared his life with me and so did I.

Mike and me had a lot of plans together, like creating the Zhen Wu Organisation in Europe and China, getting our Clubs BIG.
I don´t know how I should do this all without him, but I do know: I must what I can do to let his legacy not vanishing.

Please visit also our blog, where my students say farewell to Mike. We all miss him like hell.
Although it is in german, you can translate it via Google easily and quite acceptable (if you can read my german – english, you can read the translation 😉 ). http://bailung.blogspot.com/

I also uploaded a Compilation of Footage from Mikes Seminars here in Osnabrueck, Germany. 5 High-Resolution Clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXv4Oa8CyXY
Have fun.

Mike, it was way too soon that you left this world and leave so many behind. I still can´t see any reason in this and it will take a long time untill I will do so.
Farewell my Friend and Teacher, I love you and I miss you.