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Please be informated that AMAR Taipei posted a webpage in Chinese in tribulation to Mike, the weblink is as follows:


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Email With Howard Wang

Mail Correspondence with Mike on March 20, 2007

Dear Howard,

First I am say thanks for your observance and compliment , coming from you makes me feel like I have really improved…

In these two vids I play more rough with the students, allowing them to make big press ad pushes and I use more less subtle reflections instead of catching the intentions I catch there force and momentum ad play with there roots… I explain on the side why and my reasons…

It is also because they are not subtle enough and do not understand not to break or disconnect there minds and forces… They simply are raw in there ideas and very hard to (at least for me YET) to play very subtle with them… Although I feel improvements I recognize my intent to push ad am trying to use less physical intentions ad use will and mind intentions more… But yet it is hard… Of course my second reason is for pure fun and I like a bit of physical power issuing… But I still try to use as little as possible to get the job done…

My third reason is the web boneheads… People don’t believe just subtle destroying of the root, and when they see no movement or power and the person running backwards they think it fake and not real… SO i was trying to show a in between where I show issue but use soft control… I let the students use obvious force… That is why I move  the push sometimes I am testing to see if they are using good rooted power… So i move to show they are really pushing me… If I always root ad block them no one will see they are pushing…

Okay I have taken your advice about using students for practice but back the I was not ready, and used to much force to force… But nowadays it is different ad I really can hear by myself playing with students and meditating on the inner momentum,…. I know you understand about this….

I will shoot some more vids with subtle practice ad make it private so I can let only you watch… can be fun…

I agree and am ready for more spiritual studies… But I am still young and enjoy exploring the body and brain sides of the IMA… soo enough I will bridge the two, I just need more time… Thanks for all you help because these are the fruits of your dad and yourself helping me see the truth…. Thanks…

Yes its a sport hall dirty and cheap and big, but may soccer players in the background,,.. My old space was so nice compared but space to rent or buy is very hard ad I use several locations ow, so I move around a lot training in many sport places like this one in the vid… Some are nicer than this one but okay for now…

I am looking for a new space but so damn hard…

Yes I am doing well, not like super money making, because MA just does not make money, I should have played tennis or golf with the same passion I would be rich, but not happy, ….. this way I am happy and not rich, I like it this way, always a little suffering keeps life so much more colorful ad interesting…

Say hello to your dad for me…


Howard Wang wrote:

Dear Mike,

Saw the video you had posted recently, it seems like you have been practicing diligently, and had improved.  However,  your intent to push is still observable, and is not subtle enough.

You do have more than enough for you to teach for a living there in Europe, and obviously you  have been doing well.   However, would recommend you to spend some time to read into spirituality as the preparation of your bridging over in the future.

Is the background of the videos your current teaching site?  Looks like a garage or empty factory plant to me.



Howard Huai Hsiang Wang Tribute

IMG_0915Michael does not speak Chinese, nor does my father speak English, yet what was it that made them become a father and a son to each other? Mike appeared out of nowhere, and disappeared all of a sudden, leaving us nothing but fond memories with tears in kinship. Michael was blessed by living his dreams, a kung fu student up to the spirit and a family member closer than blood! May thee rest in peace, my dearest bother! Thy legend shall remain the aspiration to all in the lineage!

-Howard, Huai Hsiang, Wang