Mikey Email – John Hum

Hey J, excellent questions....  let explore further.... Chi progress = energy and breath coordinated and built together =  natural body power + inner energy from inside to outside =  match the two as one in oneness = combined the two through applications = skills improved = progress...... means that I have built up the inside to match the outside from the center outwards.. does that make sense...  It like we naturally have body power from our Li natural strength, correct,.. Lifting boxes or pushing a car for example...  follow...  okay but there is something behing all that that we dont understand... so take a empty box it as a shell that can be strong but there is nothing in the inside to match the outside... So eventually the box can collapse...  thats our bodies... empty but yet full with muscle powers....   Never mistake muscle force with the full energy of the inside... they ae two that work with each other... but how do we get them to work together.... The trick is letting go of the muscle side for a while as to build up the inside power to match the outside muscle power.. once the two are equalled then they can be intergrated together... like take the box and slowly fill the inside up... to things happen, the box gets heavier but not bigger (fatter for us) two, the boxes wall become stronger so as the inside matches the outside and will be harded to collapse...  the same is with our bodies... okay follow so far, i hope...  its not rocket science but there is something very intelligient to the philosophy ... then apply it.... okay all theyears we practcie how do kwo if we have reached the two as the box gets filled....  First one must clearly recognize the difference between the two, clearly that is... if not then the two get mixed up or mistaken for each other then one can never grow... After the two are achieved one must put it back into the forms applications and fighting , as to allow the skills build... small roadmap. one- build strong body - done when young two- build inner body - done when mid thirties till 50ies and later three- build skills - done all the time four- refine skills- only can be done when understands all above clearly... lets explore this some more.... you put your take on it and then I will write more..... i still never finished the book... I really want to make videos but I am going crazy trying to get a good concept down for a video shoot... any suggestions? ( this refers to a book and DVD we were to put together with Arno) mikey....

Sifu John Hum Tribute

Me and Mike Martello Well what can I say Mikeee. I always called you Mikeeee after the kid on the cereal commercial who'd eat anything and we had a good laugh about that. You were after all, my bro. So many stories and memories. Like the time we were at Master Tony Yangs's tournament in Canton, Ohio and we got you plastered to the gills with the Venezuelan crew. Next day, you were sleeping it off behind the bleachers with some of our Wutan Japan bros. They called your name to compete, you got up, did an excellent Bagua form, won first place, threw up and then went back to sleep behind the bleachers. You became legend. This was when Cary Kung had just joined a few months earlier. He said we were the best school in the world and you were the best Kung Fu bro. Mind you Cary was also plastered after going head to head with my students Thomas Dee and Keith Weiner all night. How about the time you, Rosa and Master Chen came up to perform at my first Martial Arts Gala in Ottawa in year 2000 ? They stopped you at customs and wanted to know if you were an illegal alien sneaking into Canada. I shoulda said yes when they called up. It would have been so funny to see the look on your face. Or the time we spent all day lying in your bed in NY drinking rum and watching hours and hours of old videotapes of the different Wutan schools and analysing how Grandmaster Liu performed his Baji. You were able to pick up the minute details of each of his movements. I guess the rum helped your perception. You were in Ottawa giving a workshop for my students when my Grandfather suddenly died. We hugged and I left you in the care of my students while I rushed back to Montreal. You went to one of my student's apartment, ate and showed them Shuai Chiao. You almost threw Adam out the balcony from the 21st floor. He's been traumatized ever since. We had a terrific time in Toronto one year with you, Matute and Sifu James Guo and his crew. I don't remember much of it but my students said we had a wild time. I guess we did Mikeee. So many more stories and memories...... I miss you man. Sifu John Hum

Wutan Canada Tribute

He passed away June 2 leaving a huge vacuum in the martial arts world. He has accomplished so much in his short life time.   Our deepest condolences to Mike’s family and all the students and instructors of Wutan Belgium. Mikeeee – We’ll miss you. -Sifu John Hum and the Wutan Canada Family